Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A High School Criticism

Now there are very few times one can stumble upon something of true meaning and profound depth in the halls of high school. I'm talking two or three tops. But the other day I was lucky enough to read a quote so poetically sketched into a cement table top located in the courtyard, that I had to stop and pinch myself to make sure I didn't enter into a Shakespearean-esque fantasy. Now I would like to share this quote with all of you in the hope you too can enjoy the depth and intrinsic qualities that, although rare, can still be uncoverd in the mind of a seventeen year old high schooler. And the fact that this person (or persons) was so willing to give me (and the rest of the people sitting at the table) a  little piece of their fine analysis on life, I decided this needed to be shared with a larger audience.
It went a little something like this:
"I love pie and boobs."
Well said, lover of flavorful desserts and female anatomical parts, well said. It used to bother me that many high schoolers didn't share my enthusiasm for well thought out comedy. But I must admit I have been humbled and taken aback by the wit and intellect displayed above. It is evident that this person or group of people could have stopped at "I love pie" but the fact that they added "boobs" to their list of admirations really shows that they want to share a piece of themselves with their audience that reaches past the crust (heh heh) of their true character. Displaying a love for female breasts really shows this poet is an Attache to nude art, and the fact that they love pie shows they are a food connoisseur- seeking out only the most delectable of flavors in order to satisfy their well-trained palette.
What I also like about this saying is its simplicity. The writer of sed-quote could have in fact, elaborated on their favorite type of pie (Keylime? Boston Cream?) or their cup size of preference. But the fact that they left their observation to five words really shows the author wants the audience to interpret this profound meaning for themselves.
It got me I really love pie? Or is my alliance to cake? Or tiramisu? And if it is, does it mean I'm not open minded enough to love both pie and cake equally? Maybe I'll have to give up one in order to avoid any future guilt of dessert bias.
And as for boobs. Do I really appreciate them enough? Should I be supplying them with more Victoria's Secret and less sports bras? What if someone is more of a leg person? Does that leave for an under appreciated pair of breasts?
I wish I knew the answers to these questions but I don't. All I know is that this quote has really got me thinking about where my ideals stand, and if most of my life decisions have really been worth it. I hope that this poet can continue their art of supplying me with profound depth and meaning in my life where I was too blind to see needed change. So thank you anonymous table-top Twain. You've given us all a lot of thinking to do. Whether or not humanity is ready to take a true stance on the controversy surrounding boobs and pie I can't be too sure.