Thursday, June 14, 2012

Library Observations

It is now the summer before my senior year and you'll be glad to hear that I've spent a significant amount of that time in the local Library. But don't worry, I've been spending that time doing really cool things such as checking out books about Monty Python and...well that's pretty much the only relatively
cool thing. But one of the best things about the library is the ability to people watch without them really noticing; I like to look at the people I see, and make a fake back story of their life. I like to think that I'm right most of the time, but really most of my stories end up more like Full House episodes then actual functioning humans' lives that spend their Thursday Noon (Do you just call it Noon or Afternoon if it's twelve?) at the library. So I decided to sit here and give you the stories of the people that I see in the hopes you find these characters as interesting as I do.
Sitting next to me currently, are two stereotypical gamers-they're playing the same computer game in which the hero is a knight and you need to travel through forests and dangerous lands in order to win the gallant approval of King Humphrey, ruler of all Endlasia, who's daughter is the most fair maiden in all the land... I really don't know, it's something Medieval-y. I like to think that the older one is the brother of the younger and that they've told their mother that they're out playing frisbee and and socializing with peers. But what their mom doesn't know is that their true happiness resides within the walls of a PC. Today will be the day one of them defeats the game and they will both celebrate with ice cream and a Midnight marathon of Battlestar Galactica. Is that what gamers do?
Across from me is a man with sunglasses on his forehead and glasses on his face. He has on a patriotic shirt that lets me know he's a true American. I believe this man was very quiet in high school but graduated at the top of his class. He's now married with one daughter and another on the way, but what the family really wants is that prodigal son. He needs to get away, so right now he's researching various French dessert recipes because at the end of the day all he wanted to be was a pastry chef...when he met his wife he realized it didn't make enough money. So now his true comforts reside on cyber comfort cuisine and the occasional episode of Iron Chef when the family is away. He dreams with a spatula under his pillow and an apron on his heart. There isn't a puff pastry he can't master, and a souffle? Bring it on.
At the cubicle across from me is a man most likely in his mid- forties, who is playing what seems to be some sort of game with a map. (You can tell I'm really up to speed in the internet world). He's now logging on to his Facebook page that consists of only a few friends--the older generation never allows people on that they don't know. He's currently going through a break-up in which him and his ex are fighting over custody of their beloved Terrier, Gordie.  He spends his nights watching Air Bud movies when the dog is away always seeking to be close to man's best friend.
For some reason there are two little boys dressed in flannels and cowboy hats standing with their mother. My theory is that their father is currenly going through a Western phase in which he wants his sons to grow up like Clint Eastwood. The wife goes along with it because when she was little she loved horses and she hopes one day that one of her boys will share that love and then own a ranch. But they will grow up to be computer research analysts and their parents wont be dissapointed because they will be making a lot of money
...And the man who just sat next to me is rapping to his loud music (playing from a walk-man) and is looking at some sort of a dating website where the women all take provacative pictures of themselves in the mirror. This story I'm not making up. I guarantee you would laugh if you were here with me now.
Well my time is almost up on my computer I hope you've enjoyed hearing about the not so mundane lives of the people who spend their Thursday at the library, but who are just getting by, just like everybody else.