Monday, September 24, 2012

Get Out of Jail Free?

Well hello there...we haven't spoken in a while. And to my stalker out there...I apologize. I hope I've been sorely missed. My leave of absence was one of a full summer and the beginning of my senior year. I have no excuse for my abandonment other then the fact that I was consumed by life. But what better way to consume life than to share it with all of you?
So...something incredible happened last night. Something heard only in myths and fairytales. A thing that is only spoken softly between the haunted walls of Victorian Castles and code messages between spies.  Something alluded to by metaphysical witch women but never actually occurs-- I got caught doing something redhanded by my parents...and I didn't get grounded. Now mind you my offense was one of naive teenager ideals and bad timing. So don't assume the worst in me. To be honest I've never actually been grounded before in my life. I'm a self proclaimed goody goody and proud of it! In fact, I'm thinking of starting a GG anonymous. One where the prudish and mundane can join togeher once a week and share in eachothers secret love for rules and toothpaste.  But what happened was enough to give my parents reason to ban me from my social world for a week and take away my car. What did they do? They laughed. My whole household is now making fun of me for something that should have royally pissed them off. I feel like I have been handed a Get Out of Free Jail card and I didn't even pass the Boardwalk. I did nothing to deserve the compassion and jovial nature of my parents. But I received it anyway. So this got me thinking, in life am I lucky that the punishment wasn't inflicted on me by an outside source? Or am I cursed to replaying the night over and over knowing that the ending wasn't just? Or at least balanced. For every offense does there always need to be a defense?
Now needless to say that what happened  wasn't anything to lock me up for and curse me to live a pre- Hogwarts Harry Potter type lifestyle. But I can't help but feel this isn't the end to the matter. I'm sure as I'm typing, this very second my family is upstairs planning an elaborate hoax. It will involve mousetraps and elaborate twists and turns. I'll wake up five years from now from an Inception-like dream but instead of having quirky actors such as Ellen Page as my sidekicks, I'll get a rude awakening from my brother pouring ice water over my face saying "This is just the beginning."
Okay maybe my punishment sounds more like a Stephen King novel rather than a teenage punishment but if you got off home free you'd be questioning your own sanity too. Should I accept this gracious gift or should I know in the back of my mind pay back is soon to come? Will this event come up at Christmas dinners at lulls in the conversation? To be honest, knowing my parents and my good reputation this isn't anything to be worried about. I've learned from it and I guess it's time to move on. We all know at the heart of my being is a love for tacky game shows and long periods of sleep. All I know is that even if  I was banned from my social world typing this to you from the secrecy of candle light I would still be myself. Just because I was caught in trouble doesn't make my wrong doings any less wrong or right. All we can do is just get by, and hope that while our actions may not always come with a premium Get Out of Jail free card, they'll always come with a lesson.


  1. learn your lesson, move on, thank your lucky stars, and tell me what you did!!!