Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Middle School Mural

So you'll be glad to hear that I've discovered even more artists within the walls of my high school. In the hallways student art is displayed for all to see and admire, the art room if full of student work from past generations, so what struck me most about the work that I just recently uncovered was its location. I believe that whoever set up this gallery really had aesthetic and personal interests in mind, and that really reflects in their work. They wanted to not only represent themselves in their masterpiece but also the pieces of the puzzle that make up a population, so it comes as no surprise that they chose the bathroom stall as a place to display their true artistic abilities. I mean, this person could have easily joined the Poetry Club and made themselves known to the school through that collaboration. But no, you have to do something out of the ordinary to portray your writing and skills and insure that they are read and admired. So while I was in the bathroom stall taking care of personal business not only did I have something to read, but I had something to inspire me. Who was I to know all the "dum b!tches" in my school? How would I have known someone’s deepest darkest secret had it not been so beautifully displayed before me? I felt so comfortable with this artist that I could pee in their creative presence. Now I think that's just special. Most artists like to be recluses, cast-away's from society who soon forget about their audience. But no, this poet knew the ways to their reader's heart, and that is through their urinary tract. They wrote something so loud, that sound was not necessary for it to be heard. This Bathroom-Byron brought tears of joy and curiosity to my heart. Their not too perfect scrawl let me know that they were an every man who didn't need elegant cursive to display their true talents. This person didn't hide behind the mainstream use of a brush and canvas, but rather took that number 2 pencil and let the world know their opinions through the rustic appeal of the off-beige bathroom door. Now, I know what you're thinking--How can I too be a writer with such talents? Now the answer is simple. But as we all know when it comes to art, most things are easier said than done.
My recommendation for you is if you want your voice to be heard, take a public place where people feel their most awkward and insecure and scrawl your meaningful opinions for the world to see. Not only will they appreciate your hatred for that "freshman hoe" but they will be inspired to make their lives mean more than a trip to the bathroom stall.
So I thank you anonymous writer who made my trip to the John a life changing moment, you don't know just how much your words are life-changing. I just know that you will continue in your path to further inscribe my life, and many others with your not so erasable opinions.

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